Speakers in 2015 Edition

Independent Trader, Director of Luxembourg SIF regulated by the CSSF. 1992 collaborator of the magazine Investment & Finance and www.finanzas.com website. IEF teacher.

-Josep Codina / Partner Director of Alpha Quantitative Investment Developments (AQID)

IT consultant, developer, designer and trader of new tools, such as technical indicators Koncorde, Vigia Atlas, among others.

-Blai5 / Blogger in Blai5.net

Manager market analysis for Radio and TV International Spanish speaking. Author Advanced Training Strategy for Saxo Spain. IB introducer, Institutional and Retail. She is an economist and expert in Equity Derivatives by the BME. He has worked for different international companies Brokerage in recent years.

-Gonzalo Cañete / Manager Advanced Trading & Market Analysis Swissquote

Responsible for assisting customers with key strategies and trading techniques. Commercial development retail and institutional markets in southern Europe for operational foreign exchange and CFDs. MBA from the University of Madrid and 15 years of experience in the business of currency trading and more than 10 years of experience in the financial sector.

-Jorge Darías / Senior BDE Swissquote

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management, 3 Masters in Financial Markets and Investments. Independent professional trader with over 10 years experience. Writter of several books translated into 20 languages and used by millions of traders-beginners worldwide.

-Lex Smirnoff / Independent trader

Investor and Portfolio manager with extensive experience in the markets. Strategist operator and international investment funds. Author of "The Code of Wall Street"

-Ricardo González / CEO in EsBolsa

Sersan Systems CEO, algorithmic trader and partner of TradeStation Europe. Algorithmic trading expert with more than 15 years of experience in the development, testing, evaluation, and especially in the quantitative management with automatic trading systems

-Sergi Sánchez / Director Sersan Sistemas

Independent trader. Portfolio manager since 2004. Investor specialist in professional studios strengths and capital flow and scheduling screeners applied to trading

-Andrés Jiménez / CEO in EnBolsa.net

Professional stock trader and analyst. Independent financial analyst in various medium and Investment Strategies, Bolsacom, Finanzas.com, etc. Expert invited media as Canal Sur.

-José Luis García/ CEO in EnBolsa.net

InBestia founder and Ferrer Capital Management. Author "The Global Investor: economic forces driving the stock market "

-Hugo Ferrer / Founder InBestia

Equity analyst and trader. (BA) Business Administration from Anglia Polytechnic University (UK) and Master in Stock Market Analysis, Investments and Business Valuation

-Kike Valdecantos / Founder Precio y Volumen

Tax advisor and independent financial and business point and Gerscamp & Associates Financial Services. Trader full time since 2008. Coach traders and private fund manager clients around the world. Show your operation on your blog.

-Luis Heras / Founder Trading a quemarropa

Certified Financial Technician® by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) and member of the Spanish Institute of Quantitative and Technical Analysts (IEATEC). Financial Trader, technical analyst and author of the blog ForexDuet.com

-Yuri Rabassa / Blogger in FOREXDuet.com

Winner of 'Best Finance Blog Spain 2011'. Trading professor at the University of Alicante, creator of the online training program "Campus Bolsa" and professor of classroom course "Bolsa Práctica."

-Uxio Fraga / Owner Novatos Trading Club

Technical analyst for IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysis). Specialist Technical and Quantitative Analysis by the IEB.

-Jesús Pérez / Director of Bolsa.com

Industrial Engineer, MBA from the University of Girona and PDG from IESE. Seasonal management expert, manages the fund ANNUALCYCLES STRATEGIES FI, and has developed the application that manages assets through www.annualcycles.com annual cycle.

-Albert Parés / Fund Manager Gesiuris

2014 World Champion in the competition Wilmott Trading Quantitative Trading (Chicago, ILL.) Member Veloxpro (NY, USA) of HFT (High frenquency Trading) on trading strategies and algorithms designed. Masters in Business Administration from ESADE.

-Ferran FOnt / Director Enllastir Investment Hedge Fund

Home derivatives trader since 2007. Specializing in trading futures: Mini S & P 500, Eurostoxx 50, Bund Future of €, Oil and Dax. Creates and develops its own indicators and his team, who are using daily to operate in these markets.

-Joan Marrugat / Owner Un buen dia de trading

Germán is trader, Coach, Mentor and specialized in Financial Coaching, Leadership and Psicotrading trainer. He is also the author of the book: "Can I live the trading?". Since 2007 is dedicated to advise and accompany as Coach for people in Financial Coaching processes and develop leaders.

-Germán Antelo / Owner en Trading y Coaching

MBA specializing in Finance, Master in general strategic Masters in banking, stock market and financial markets. Global-Macro analysis specialist, Value Investing, Hedge Trading, Technical Analysis and Money Management.

-Gisela Turazzini / Co-founder & General Director Blackbird

He worked at Morgan Stanley, Renta 4 Banco Inversis. Founder of consulting firms to large estates. Value Investing analysis Global-Macro, Money Management, Directional Trading, Swing Trading, Day Trading.

-Marc Ribes / Co-founder Blackbird

Technical analyst and programmer systems. Has over 11 years operating with its own capital. Author of several books such as 'Shark Fin' and 'Show me the Money'. Contributor media.

-Javier Alfayate / Blogger in accionesdebolsa.com

Economist and Master in Finance Cuantativas AFI. Equities portfolio manager and director of web Clasesdebolsa.com specialized training to invest in the stock market. His background in statistics and probability would have been a great help in its evolution as manager and trader.

-Jorge Ufano / Founder clasesdebolsa

A decade of experience in trading futures and forex. He works full time doing trading. At present there are more than 5,000 traders worldwide who are trading with strategies that teach Alex and his brother.

-Alex Ong / Co-founder Traders Corner

Actuary Master of Finance at the School of Finance BBVA Since 2007 works as a freelance specialized markets and equity derivatives (options and futures). Member IEATEC (Spanish Institute of Quantitative and Technical Analysts)

-Niko Garnier / Founder Global Trader

Futures trader, moderator live trading rooms. 13 years of investment in financial markets, the last 4 years devoted exclusively to trading futures.

-Albert Doménech / Trainer Trading de futuros

Doctor of Economics, professor and co-director of the Master in Financial Markets from the University Pompeu Fabra. He was also Senior Analyst at SIA Funds. Author of four books on finance. Xavier is an expert in commodities and a recognized fundamental analyst.

-Xavier Brun / Senior Portfolio Manager Solventis

FOREX part time trader. FINTech Consultant with over 17 years of experience in various financial institutions. CMO and partner of the company Advanced Trading Systems SL , CMO and Founder of the event BcnTradingPoint and FOREXperiences CEO and Founder blog devoted to trading and currency markets .

-Albert Salvany / FOREX Trader FOREXperiences

Trader with over 13 years experience. MEFF operator license, Graduate in financial derivatives. Director General Exchange Advisors. Intereconomía media as usual, manages Radio, La Coruna Review, Manages Radio, Upstream, five days Bolsamania collaborator. Course Director at the bag E. F. Business School

-David Galán / Director Bolsa General Asesores

Daytrader index, forex, commodities and investment in long-term actions. European Financial Analyst (CEFA), has worked in companies such as Credit Agricole Indosuez, Citigroup and Fidelity Investments. For years dedicated to trading independently.

-Ferran Gallofré / CEO bolsaytrading

Computer engineer, expert in development, optimization and implementation of Trading Systems applied to Financial Markets

-Raúl Gallardo / Co-Founder Trading System Club

BA in Political Science and Public Administration. Private and independent full time investor since 2012. Passionate markets with eminent technical approach with its own fundamental composition.

-Javier Pérez López / Founder BlogForex

Professional trader at present since 2007. Expert in equities in different markets and time periods. Specializes in trading of various long-term assets such as currencies, indices, commodities and shares in the international arena.

-Guillermo Dávila / Founder Aston Dealers

Independent trader since 2009 and full time day trader since 2011, especialized on currencies (Forex), commodities (gold, silver and oil) and index, (Dax, Dow Jones, S&500 and Eurostock). Contribution with international brokers.

-Fran Brenes / Manager FX Primus

Economist, Bachelor of Economics with UDELAR in Uruguay, with Master Degree in Finance, School of Business and Political Science in London, Account Executive at ACM. Working as FX Money Manager for 3 years and entered the FOREX market still studying Economist career through continuing education courses and technical analysis investment.

-Pedro Cean / Trader FX Primus

Quantitative Trader "Quant", this technique of operating in the market is to apply mathematical and statistical tools, in order to find the inefficiency of the market. We have the mathematical knowledge that any currency is "failure" of the market we have known detect a rigorous mathematical method.

-Fernando Valverde / Trader FX Primus

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